I feel for Antonio 

But I seriously think it’s time to go for his own good.

After a night of sleeping on it I’ve come to this conclusion… 

Last season Antonio had a blinder, almost made HOTY and cries for a place in the England squad, but Bilic had other ideas.

He wanted to upgrade the wing so got Feghouli. But how do you drop Antonio? Well he thought he could convert him into a RWB. 

It isn’t working and not only that the fella is wasted there when clearly he can score goals.

So what now? He won’t become a winger anymore unless we are decimated with injuries (which looks like happening) otherwise this talent will just become a bench warmer.

For his own good Antonio will need to be sold because he’s being totally wasted at our club now.

I mean seriously did Bilic seriously think kebab boy Tore was even more important in that role then Antonio!?!? 

Bank on our midfield.. 

Last season we scored 65 goals. If you do the Maths we’ll probably break even…

Fenghouli: at least 5

Payet: 5 – 10

Kouyate: 5-10

Ayew: 10-15

Noble: up to 5

Carroll: 10-15 if he stays fit

Add goals from the rest of the team we’ll be there are there abouts. Thing is the top striker will improve our league position so as long as the board are happy with a top 10 then no probs but they don’t want to be saying ‘yeah we are now looking to improve’ because that ain’t gonna happen.

Thing that worries me is our defence. Couple of injuries we’re fucked…

Thank fakka the Bacca soap opera is over

This is my take on the saga and this comes from Italy. 

Bacca deal was done (so wage rumour was bollocks) basically Sakho not going to WBA pulled the plug on the whole deal it’s as simple as that, nothing more nothing less. 

Knowing Sullivan he probably used that moment to strike a lower wage deal and Bacca told them to fuck off. We move on… 

P.s. Stop bitching about it (is what the missus says when I’m hounding her for sex and she says no….)

…and Bilic thought ‘keep your enemies closer’

Andre Ayew

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