Hammers hall of fame (Updated)


The earliest team photo


West Ham manager Syd King


The famous white horse final of 1923



Charlie Paynter, West Ham United trainer and coach

The team of the mid 30’s

Vic Watson highest ever goal scorer with 325 goals!


Malcolm Allison

John Bond with a VERY young Moore next to him



Ron Greenwood on the tube with the FA Cup under his arm!

A legendary photo of the legend

Geoff Hurst cleaning his boots

Martin Peters part of that great trio




A young Billy Bonds

Brooking slots one away

Lamps snr

Pop Robson


Alvin Martin

Alvin Martin

Julian Dicks

Julian Dicks

Alan Devonshire

Alan Devonshire

Tony Cottee

Tony Cottee

Frank MacAvennie

Frank MacAvennie

Paul Ince

Paul Ince



19 thoughts on “Hammers hall of fame (Updated)

  1. Legends as a tag is over used these days, Tevez, Cole, Cottee and Ludo have played their parts but legends?
    Add Lyall, Greenwood, Macca and PDC to that T-shirt and thats the muttz nuts.

  2. Can’t believe these West Ham fans think that any player ie Tevez maybe who was with us a season. Nobody comes close to the Great lengend that spent 90% of his career with the club, that is Bobby Moore ! I was so lucky to have seen him play many times, his anticipation in the tackle, his leadership on the field and his passing. no other player than the World Cup captain, that is the Great Bobby Moore.

  3. In one of the 1923 FA Cup final photos( the one of the fans crushed together in the goalmouth), is that Gianfranco Zola fourth from the left with his hands on a policeman’s back?

  4. Syd Puddlefoot – absolute legend. Local lad – scored 102 goals in 158 appearances for West Ham – was transfered for (at that time a world record fee – 5k!!!!!) to Falkirk. Played for England, & Essex County cricket. Managed Galatasaray in 1937.

  5. Why don’t you ever respect my old man as Paul Smith instead of calling him Martin Peters? .Manneheim..
    If I obeyed Belgian Law like you tosspots at Warickshire Antwerp I wouldn’t be able to kick a ball with my left foot.

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