Believe the stats West Ham

A transfer is based on a lot of things but I’m almost certain one thing isn’t even considered when bringing a player to a club.

His stats and yet they are rarely wrong.

When Sakho arrived he averaged 15 – 20 goals a season for Metz. When he arrived you could see the fella knew where the back of the goal was.

Then take a look at Zaza. He averaged 8-10 goals a season so it was pretty damn obvious he’d struggle in the Prem and he did.

You’d think we’d learn. Yet again the stats haven’t been looked at because now we are linked to Niang.

You thought Zaza stats were back? Check out Niang! This fella averages 5 goals a season! What exactly is WHU expecting from this poor excuse of a striker? Let’s hope it isn’t goals…

Milan supporters are clubbing together to get him chauffeured to Milan airport and made sure he gets on that fight out…

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