Bank on our midfield.. 

Last season we scored 65 goals. If you do the Maths we’ll probably break even…

Fenghouli: at least 5

Payet: 5 – 10

Kouyate: 5-10

Ayew: 10-15

Noble: up to 5

Carroll: 10-15 if he stays fit

Add goals from the rest of the team we’ll be there are there abouts. Thing is the top striker will improve our league position so as long as the board are happy with a top 10 then no probs but they don’t want to be saying ‘yeah we are now looking to improve’ because that ain’t gonna happen.

Thing that worries me is our defence. Couple of injuries we’re fucked…

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5 thoughts on “Bank on our midfield.. 

  1. Defence worries me to. Onely Ginger can organise our back four well. Oggy and Reid poor at organisation. Thought should have gone for Ashley Williams tbh.
    Very reasonable looking squad otherwise. If club looking for top 4/6 still need RB, CB and the elusive 15-20 goal a season striker.

  2. Let’s hope we don’t have to sign Roger Johnson again in the next transfer window. Creswell’s absence is a big blow. If the central defenders start suffering from injuries, we’re fucked.

    And I definitely agree with the previous poster that we should’ve gone for Ashley Williams.

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