The £100 Million problem

Anyone else notice that the usual European bargains are a thing of the past due to the money we’ve all recieved this Summer?

Basically when any PL team enquires for a player on mainland Europe the price instantly goes up a good 5-10 Million. It doesn’t matter who either, whether it be Man City or Bournemouth the price goes up.

So in fact this cash has been a right pain in the arse, so hard decisions are going to have to be made. If we want any player in Europe we will have to decide on whether we are prepared to pay OTT prices for them…

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5 thoughts on “The £100 Million problem

  1. Lacazette being a good example, he’s a terrific player and can bang in goals but he’s never played in the premier league and 40mill is WAY too much he’s worth about 25-30million!

  2. Am I alone or even stupid in preferring Bony if we can get him for 15 mill instead of Lacazette for 40??is anyone with me? He will get goals and he’s still young enough. What do people think?

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