The Outs


Randy has shown enough this season that he is a number one keeper. There is no chance he’ll top Adrian next season for that number one shirt so I can see him leaving to a newly promoted team in the Summer.


Song has basically stopped playing for us. Reckon once he was told he’ll be on his bike in the Summer he turned his attention to his next love…himself…


Flashes of brilliance. Unfortunately that’s maybe twice a season if you’re lucky. This will secure his exit out of WHU in the Summer (plus another financial hit on a player)


Victor Moses is about as inconsistent as it gets when it comes to inconsistency. I won’t even miss this fella when he’s gone…


Emenike. I said it….I fucking said it. After 30mins I could see this fella was a dud. Thank the invention of the loan system is all I can say 👋


I like him. I’m just not sure he likes us anymore, reckon we could make a profit on him as well. If the rumour is true that he wants out then let him go.

And finally…..

Payet. Yes Payet. He loves the club, he loves the fans but he also loves the money. We tempted him away from Marseilles for a bigger pay cheque so what’s to stop a bigger club tempting him away with even more money?

Watch this space…

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