So are we happy without Europe next season?


You know before the season began we were venturing into uncharted waters. New manager, new squad and new style of football.

It could have all been a disaster and we might of been in a relegation scrap. Instead the club way surpassed my expectations of survival just because I and the rest of us had absolutely no idea what would happen this season.

Instead our expectations went from relegation survival to CL. Personally I never expected this but judging by how we’ve been playing and how the top clubs have fallen to pieces automatic qualification to the Europa seemed to be within site.

But now it would appear top 10 is probably going to be where we end up with Southampton and Liverpool steaming up our rear. Listen I’m happy with this but this will effect our transfer activity.

New stadium or not going into a season without any football in Europe will make life harder to find the players they want. Generally what happens is that if the player says ‘nah I want a club that will play in Europe’ we will have to come back and say ‘ok how about another 10k a week?’

So what I’m saying is even though most of us are happy with top 10 Bilic and the owners will now find its going to cost them more then ever to get their top targets in.

A £20 Million striker will have offers from everywhere. He’ll get offers of Europe which we might not be able to offer, the only way we’ll bag him will be paying him more then the rest…

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