The Payet rumours


A group of us flew over for the Palace game, after downing obscene amounts of alcohol pre match I knew that moment would come during the game when I’d have to take a piss.

Now everyone that knows me knows that when I excuse myself for a piss we generally score and I know that as well so I held it for as long as I could.

Finally I relented after countless ways of mentally trying to block it out.

‘if I sprint I won’t miss a goal I thought’ I dont know how but we must of won a freekick literally the moment I headed down. Emptying as quick as I could a fucking great big roar went up!

Yet again I’d missed a goal due to my pissing bladder! Oh and what a goal!! I ran out with cock in hand to watch Payet stroke another master goal past a lost keeper on the screens.

As that unfolded a smarter fan then took his moment to piss and said to me with a massive grim ‘that fella is mustard!’

So this takes me nicely to the point of the story. Every big club in Europe wants Payet, listen it’s all rumours but don’t be foolish into thinking he ain’t interested in moving.

His agent will be busy this Summer VERY busy. He’ll be talking to Dimitri telling him clubs in the CL will offer him double what we are paying. Just like what we did to Marseilles and he left for money that was all it was about.

He now realises it was the best thing he ever did. But it’s all up to Payet not us, if players want to go they’ll go. It’s basically if he wants to quit us and take the next big step to a top European club and double his money.

Hey we are all Irons with claret and blue specs but for him it’s a job. He has to decide between job satisfaction at West Ham or money in the bank but maybe not such enjoyment in the game.

Whatever happens I’ll still repeat myself the day I saw him play the very first time “this guy is the best player I’ve personally seen play for us….EVER”

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