Benteke: worth a punt or just another Carroll?


This kind of has Andy Carroll written all over it but with a difference.

Mickeys spent a small fortune on Carroll, it went tits up because he wasn’t Rodgers cup of tea and sold to us for a cut price deal.

Mickeys spend another small fortune on Benteke, Rodgers leaves Klopp takes over and Benteke isn’t Klopp’s cup of tea.

In step WHU again. We all have our opinions in Carroll and my personal opinion is that for the money we spent he’s been a disaster.

But Benteke is different. I can’t see us making that mistake again, if we can get him for a cut price deal or a loan with them stumping up half the wages I’d say go for it!

Who knows maybe Bilic might get that old Benteke out of him again..

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11 thoughts on “Benteke: worth a punt or just another Carroll?

  1. For me…. We should be aiming for a better quality finisher, the guy isn’t prolific he misses easy chances..
    I would still pick Sakho or Carroll over him as a starter… He just doesn’t do it for me personally, he can’t make the step up for Liverpool, we want to make the step up for top four, well he can’t do it for them, so I doubt he can do it for us.

  2. I have a gut feeling Slav will be able to get more out of Benteke than Rodgers did. Even if Benteke is low on confidence and seems to miss scoring chances, he still gets those chances.

  3. But why take the gamble when there are proven scorers out there. Sturbridge has been linked, I think he would be fantastic with payet. Bony needs games he is quality. Mitrovic at Newcastle.
    Personally I’d Nick winaldum and Redmond and keep what we have until the right striker rears his head.

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