If only Evertonians emphasis was on football…




Instead it’s all about hurting Payet…

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13 thoughts on “If only Evertonians emphasis was on football…

  1. I am so so happy the way things unfolded. First goal from a splendid assist from Noble, who the silly Everton fans had been booing all match. Swallow that one. Then, Sakho from Payer assist. Swallow that one too ! Finally, goal between the legs of the goalkeeper by Payet (Assist from Sakho). Swallow that one big time.

    I wrote elsewhere that I found the crowd at Everton as disgusting as some of their players. Booing Noble all along. Yet, they were so quiet at the end of the match. Maybe they should channel their ugly manners by targeting the little coach they have. Robertito has shown he is not only short by physical height, He is short of class and short in mentality. That is why right now the mood at that club is to not only condone but also encourage any unsportmanslike behaviour. Shame on them, but what a lesson of football and decency they were taught today.

  2. Everscum are now up there with the Spuds as my main hate in the football world. Only thing I like about them is they spent all there dole money on there tickets, so they will hav to sit in there scummy little houses all week.

  3. The expectations were not high. Everton away and Anthony Taylor as a referee. This time this card happy ref turned on Everton and only awarded one dubious penalty against us. Of course, he missed the situation, in which Ogbonna was manhandled in front of the goal in the first half.

    West Ham did not play particularly well. At times Everton ran over the midfield playing with 10 men. I guess it was the missed penalty that triggered the comeback.

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