How massive is tomorrow!?


Well let’s put it this way….

1. Both clubs hate eachother (fans and board)

2. Foxes dropped points so lillyshites have to win!

3. We need to win to get back to 5th

4. It’s our last ever derby at the Boleyn so we must win!

5. If we beat those Fuckers we’ve dented their championship chances.

And that for me is the number one reason to beat them….


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8 thoughts on “How massive is tomorrow!?

  1. Spurs are a disciplined and hardworking side that is difficult to beat for any team in PL. They also caused Hammers’ biggest defeat of the season in November (4-1) in the next game after Payet’s injury against Everton. It was probably one of the worst performances of the season so far.

    Spurs are very successful in putting pressure on the build-up play especially early in the game. If you survive that, you have a chance of getting a result. They are also the team that has committed most fouls in the league, which tells that they tend to prevent the counter-attacks early, so they don’t get a yellow card. Pocchettino has made them perhaps the most disciplined and hardworking team in the league, which does not have the softness of the old Spurs.

    They are now the title favorites, so motivation should not be a problem.

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