We picked Emefuckingneke over Yilmaz!?


I don’t care what anyone says Yilmaz is a proper goal scorer who has a fantastic record in domestic and international level.

The warning signs were there when Fenerbache fans were all saying he’s shit but we still went ahead with it. We even went as far as convincing the better striker (Yilmaz) into thinking he was coming just to secure this chump.

The thing is he was intended to be here short term and hit the ground running. He can run he just can’t find the fucking goal! Yilmaz was only going to be permanent so they thought we’ll go cheap and get Emineke.

Pointless if he can’t bleeding score is it!! Thank good this fella isn’t on a perm! Also they want £11 million for this fella BWHAHAHAHA!

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17 thoughts on “We picked Emefuckingneke over Yilmaz!?

  1. Bit harsh…. He came on and made an impact,Yeah he missed a sitter…
    But shit happens.
    He’s had two substitute appearances and you’re already quick to judge.
    How about give the guy a chance to adapt to his new team instead of getting on his back.

  2. And as far as Yilmaz is concerned, Bilic already said the problem was his club wanted the cash from a transfer, no loans. And we are not buying now.

  3. Based on the Blackburn game Emenike looks like a natural goalscorer, but he is probably less effective against Premier league defences, when he does not have the time and space he had in the second half against Blackburn.

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