Dead wood


Times have finally changed, one thing most of us debated in the pub was the dead wood we had in the club and how every year they earned money but never played.

Finally the penny has dropped, it’s clear that if you don’t make the team you are out and if you do and you turn out to be shit you are out the door.

Zarate is the first, Jelavic is rumoured to be next along with JOB who clearly won’t play again. The club aren’t waiting, when a window opens they are quickly look to get rid.

I cant wait for the Summer…

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6 thoughts on “Dead wood

  1. We have a lot to do in the summer though.
    If we get rid of Jelavic, O’Brien, Jenkinson and Moses go back to their clubs… Do we get a permanent for song as he leaves as well.
    That’s another striker gone (including Zarate) 2 RB’s a winger and a cm…
    Who would you have as replacements (realistic of course)

  2. That’s the problem…. It’s alright trimming deadwood. But it’s getting players in… And if we don’t get the right amount, we could end up panic buying and buying more deadwood.
    Jelavic is proof of that!

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