Enner v Payet: Who had the better freekick?

Who had the better freekick?





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8 thoughts on “Enner v Payet: Who had the better freekick?

  1. I don’t think you can really pick…
    Both amazing in there own right!
    Valencia’s was at a weird angle.. Which never really warrants a shot.
    And Payets was just sublime.
    But then… Has everyone forgotten the zarate free kick! That was pretty bad ass as well!
    Plus we have Cresswell who can take them.
    We haven’t had a decent free kick taker since Diamanti!
    Now we have 4!

  2. Oh is he?
    Has he left Watford then? Because he was on loan there.
    Honestly… I loved Diamanti, but where would he fit in now?

  3. Diamanti was great but his weak area was his strength, especially going into the tackle. He used to get frustrated with how easily other players would shrug him off the ball and respond by retaliating with a tough tackle back…and get himself booked.

    I loved Valencia’s free kick. Loved it. But have to hand the award to Payet. I also loved the way the fans sang the song about Payet. Never heard it before. And let’s be honest, the name Dimitri Payet is not the easiest to invent a song for…even for our creative fans!! 🙂

    I can safely say that this was the most enjoyable match I have watched this season, even with the wins against teh top clubs in mind.

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