It’s becoming clear we are a one man team


Even after all our depth we’ve added to the squad with the idea of combating this particular problem we are having right now it’s pretty fucking clear we are a one man team.

It’s no coincidence we’ve gone to shit since he was injured and even though Lanzini is doing his best he’s no Payet. Moses has slowly dwindled away, Zarate is a selfish cunt, Jenks can’t string a decent pass together and Carroll can’t even be called an impact player now!

Bilic still hasn’t got the best out of Jelavic (his words) and don’t know what Tomkins has done to be kept out of the squad instead of seriously confidence lacking Jenks.

Would appear we will have to hunker down until January and dip into the market. Here’s a tip sell Carroll and try to get a striker in that can score us at least 5 goals in the second half of the season….

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8 thoughts on “It’s becoming clear we are a one man team

  1. Don’t get me wrong I’m a big Payet fan but your wrong Payet played against Bournemouth Leicester and more recently Watford we lost them all which disproves your theory we are a one man team

    Today the first half performance was the best at Upton Park this season and we could have been 2 or 3 nil up at half time lanzini was fantastic one of the best displays this year and zarate scored a super goal it was our defence what let us down again still the excitement of the first half was more like the West Ham way COYI

  2. The defence needs to be stabilized, and Jenkinson keeps on wasting opportunities. Looks completely lost and can waste a nine meters pass without pressure from the opponent. Even a U-12 can do better.
    Jellylegs doesn’t bring anything. Carroll isn’t the player we all wish he was. Taxi for these three. Add to that moses and Zarate (unless he can become more consistent in the good way), and it should open up the can for decent players in their place, even if it’s 3 for five.

  3. There’s too much pessimism in this post. I agree with Steve Gunter above. Sunday’s first half was among the best we’ve seen this season. The problem was that Hammers could only score one goal.

    Zarate may be selfish but he has the skill to create chances and score. He’s not completely useless like Carroll. The worst thing about Sunday was Sakho’s injury. This will probably mean that Jelavic will start against Manure.

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