What are your expectations?


We’ve exceeded so far beyond our wildest dreams, some comparing the run under Allardyce but this is different because we’ve beaten the Scousers, Arsenal, Chelsea and Man City.

The bubble burst a little after Watford but before then expectations were fucked up.

Win the league I’ve heard, Champion’s league another. I’m still sticking by my original view that top 10 should easily be achievable considering our squad strength and anything higher is a bonus as far as I’m concerned.

But tell me after our successful start what are you expecting from this season?

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6 thoughts on “What are your expectations?

  1. We all know what we’re like at Westham. We have always been the nearly men and as confident as I am that we have the right manager in place at our club and a fantastic squad I am a realist. I honestly be disappointed with finishing 8,9 or 10th but I’d take it. I would be made up with anything higher as I honestly haven’t seen anything in this league yet that scares me. We are more than capable of a top 4 finish but we need to strengthen at the back. A world class centre half would cement us……maybe a Gary Cahill or the boy stones??

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