Lawro predicts…..

It’s a running joke now, he’s only gone and predicted 0-1 the fucker that he is! Ok our home form isn’t like our away form but even though they are on a mini revival we are good for at least a draw! I’m predicting 2-2…


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3 thoughts on “Lawro predicts…..

  1. It was a good game, entertaining and all of that. Chelsea destroyed themselves with Matic’s first half red card. It was the right decision, but it broke the camel’s back.

    West Ham were content to sit and wait in the beginning of the second half. Chelsea could not have scored in the open play, but there was a nice setpiece and it went in. I thought it was all over.

    It would have been without Andy Carroll who showed why he is a very good substitute. It does not mean that he should start, but it showed the way the big man should be played in the new setup. Carroll showed his value to the team. I’m not sure it is worth the salary he’s payed but in any case, Carroll has a role to play.

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