Ginge the silent ginger assassin


I’ll be honest I thought when Allardyce had fucked off and Bilic came in Gingers days would be numbered.

They probably still are as no doubt Allardyce will come in for him in January and hopefully make an offer we can’t refuse but Bilic has seen that when it comes to reliable cover Collins is it!

He isn’t skilful nor graceful but he’s a scrapper. When you need someone to grind shit out and get stuck in he’s your man.

For all I know he was playing with cracked ribs yesterday. He was doubling over at one point but still carried on moping everything Palace threw at him

The problem is will he except being 3rd/4th choice? Probably not when offers come in for him to be a starter at another club in January.

I’m gonna miss that bald ginger fella when he goes…

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4 thoughts on “Ginge the silent ginger assassin

  1. Completely agree – he has been brilliant for us both times and is fully committed to the cause for every minute he’s on the pitch. Just a shame he’s lost that yard of pace, but the ginger pele is a star.

  2. I think Collins looked a bit shaky in the beginning of the first half, which is understandable, since he has not played very much.

    After the cracked ribs incident, he could do nothing wrong. Everything was so perfect that it makes me wonder if he needs a couple of knocks to play at his best level.

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