Reasons to hate Allardyce part 1001

I’ve come to the conclusion that Sam Allardyce is the world’s number one wind up merchant and we are falling for it.

Today he reveals to the World that Andy Carroll is infact lazy and doesn’t put enough effort in.

Well this kind of explains why he is in the Mail every week, modeling clothes or down the hairdressers pampering his ponytail.

But what winds me up the most is Allardyce attempting to wash his hands of a striker he talked us into buying even though he was injured/unfit at the time!

Yet again it isn’t his fault it’s Andy Carroll!  And if it isnt his fault it’s our fault or the board. Good luck Sunderland….. 👍

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3 thoughts on “Reasons to hate Allardyce part 1001

  1. Allayshite does make me laugh since he’s been in charge at Sunderland most the things he’s said in the press have been about West Ham, I don’t hear Jurgen Klopp talking about Dortmund

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