Why am I interested in Allardyce taking over Sunderland?


For some reason Allardyce’s next job is going to interest me. Maybe it’s to do with his arrogance that he thinks he’s the best Manager in the Prem.

The reason I’m going to follow his next job with great interest is because I’m secretly hoping the fucker will fail and finally shut up about his stats and rep.

The only rep he has is keeping a club in the prem. If he takes over Sunderland he’ll be asking for millions in the window and an hefty salary to go with it.

Come on Sam take the job and let’s see what you are made of!


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6 thoughts on “Why am I interested in Allardyce taking over Sunderland?

  1. His primitive brand of football can take a club to a certain level but not above that. What he needs is money and his trusted lieutenants (Nolan, O’Brien, Jussi etc.). The problem is that players he trusts are getting old and are no longer Premier league class players.

    Fat Sam is in the results business and not in the entertainment industry. Supporters at the Stadium of Light will have to get used to that. The best thing for all of us would be an Allardyce failure, preferably a spectacular one. This way football will get rid of a man that has given the game absolutely nothing but taken hefty sums of money from several clubs while leaving behind ruins.

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