Is he?


Is Noble becoming our next fall guy? Is he Captain material? (wasn’t my choice)

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6 thoughts on “Is he?

  1. What Noble lacks in skill he more (far far more) than makes up with in commitment and desire plus he’s one of a rare breed of Englishman that can actually take a penalty!!

  2. What are we talking about here? The lad has made a couple of mistakes and we are already saying he’s not good enough? Mark Noble is Mr Westham and every team needs a water carrier and his work rate, desire, will to win and passion has never ever be called into question. He may not be all continental and silky at times but let’s not forget our roots boys, Noble is one of the only first team players that still connects with us as supporters and the east end that we love……

  3. I think you have to take Song Vs Noble as the example… Song has more natural instinct and talent but he is not the passionate player that holds a team together and Song is almost too old. Noble makes everyone know why they are playing for West Ham and that makes it tick when the going gets tough… Nobles weakness is his lack of goals outside of penalties.

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