So where does Enner and Alex fit in?


Drop club captain Noble for Song? Drop Lanzini for Valencia? Can’t see it myself but I think they should, do you get my point?

You can’t drop a captain and you can’t leave a £12 million man on the bench for a loanee (unless your name is Jarvis)

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11 thoughts on “So where does Enner and Alex fit in?

  1. Both won’t be match fit and will have to come off the bench or be prepared to be subbed coz I can’t see either completing a full competitive 90mins,so the problem of who makes way won’t be there straight away but it is a problem…… But a good problem as shows the depth of the squad now

  2. You probably saw the terrible pass by Noble that resulted in Norwich’s first goal. Song is needed to provide stability in the build up play. Having Song in the team means better results against the so called lesser teams especially at home.

  3. Which Song do we get though? The one who started last season and showed class or the one who finished last season who looked lazy and idle

  4. I think Noble should be replaced. He does not remain calm in possesion if the opponent puts pressure on the build up. Saturday’s terrible pass wasn’t the first time but the first hasty pass that resulted in a goal. Four years of Big Sam’s hoofball hasn’t made him any better.

    Of course, Noble has been made the captain, so dropping him seems difficult, even impossible.

  5. Yeah, you shouldn’t compare Noble with Nolan. Noble is a Hammer through and through, which makes dropping him more difficult. In addition, Noble can actually play at midfield, even though he’s not very good if the midfield is packed and there’s a lot of pressure on the ball.

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