Panic over

I have to say after our defeats at home to Leicester and Bournemouth I was panicking. Our midfield was getting over ran and our defence fell to shit and we were looking like a right mess but after beating Liverpool it’s clear we are in fact a cut above at least half of the teams in this league.

I say this because I don’t think we have ever put 5 goals past Arsenal and Liverpool in a season and conceded nothing! That tells you we are developing one hell of a team.

Maybe Bilic has a point about not having the forward and creative strength at home to beat teams that stick 10 men behind the ball and I’m guessing we are trying to solve this issue as I type but one thing is for sure we’ve now put the shits up the PL (a great mental hurdle to overcome) and helped our problem with convincing players to sign for us.

I’m hearing Hernandez is again back on and Moses must be close because Chelsea dropped him yesterday. All in all Happy fucking days!!

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6 thoughts on “Panic over

  1. Can’t say that I’m totally surprised that West Ham can beat the big teams with counterattacking football and struggle at home against smaller teams. Bilic’s footballing philosophy is based on counter attack and West Ham have the players for that kind of tactic.

    One thing probably worth noting is the fact that Tomkins has played as the right back in both matches Hammers has won (and kept a clean sheet as well).

  2. Not sure about Chicharito. Hasn’t been in as regular starting 11 for a long time. Luke warm feelings on his performances when coming on as impact player. But at West Ham he would be demanding to be starting 11 always. Could be a source of problems. Look at Amalfitano. Looks great coming on as sub, but never convincing starting, and where is he now ?

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