Zola mark II

It’s all about experience….

Most Amsterhammers will remember when I told them before the appointment of Bilic that I feared he lacked experience and when we hit our bad spell would he be able to haul us out of it?

It cost Zola his job because he lacked it and it ultimately cost him his managerial reputation as well, but think back to Moyes, a few years ago he had a stinker of a spell at Everton and they couldn’t buy a win and were languishing in the bottom 3.

His experience counted because with the media and fans on his back at the time he took them from bottom 3 to top 7 within a few months. He went to Man U and failed miserably because it was a step too far and again reputation shot to shit.

This is what I fear for Bilic, does he have it in him? Well we shall find out but at times yesterday the team were fucking clueless and that scares the shit out of me. G&S have this rule that managers are looked at towards the end of the season but with a new stadium next season and 100 Million sky money he’ll have until November mark my words and then that little black book will come out which is already filled with a few names from last time.

Fact is if you’re not first choice you’re always on a hiding to nothing anyway so he’ll be given more flak then say Rafa had he arrived (who I don’t give long at Madrid) Also Bilic isn’t being given the financial backing I thought and hoped he would get. He needs to rebuild a new team and the board says sorry no money because of FFP and everyone around them is spending like the world will end tomorrow.  Bilic sort it out for your own good and reputation mate!

Also on a side note Sam and Gary can go and fuck themselves after what I witnessed on MOTD last night. All thought it was a fantastic joke us falling on our arses yesterday!!

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One thought on “Zola mark II

  1. You have to hand it to Lineker though. He made Sam’s comments look reasonable which (lately) takes some doing. He made no reference to how West Ham played at all, just stuck with mocking us in defeat. Add to this the fact that he hasn’t said a single thing good about us for years, doesn’t turn up on MOTD whenever we beat Spurms and gets away with all this without anyone even questioning any of it.

    I think the blokes a genius. It’s just a shame he isn’t equally as talented at football analysis.

    The only thing more cringe worthy than his contributions to MOTD was his appearance as the host on HIGNFY.

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