‘’The West Ham Way’ is obviously not winning every week, like I tried to do! I did everything they asked for and they wanted more”

”I did everything they asked for and they wanted more, and I found that extremely ungrateful in terms of what I’d done for them.

They thought we could get into Europe and thought they might be able to get to a cup final, and that wasn’t in the format of the job description when I started.

I don’t take kindly to people who don’t appreciate what you do for them.

We both decided to part company in quite an amicable way in the end, but I certainly wasn’t going to stay, in my mind, for a long, long time.

If David Sullivan and David Gold have told Slaven Bilic that they expect to get into Europe this year then I think it’s way beyond the capabilities of the squad at this moment in time.

I told them that. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why they didn’t renew my contract in the end?

West Ham was a case of building a broken football club back up again. [Getting West Ham promoted] was the biggest job I had done in one season.

Ultimately, my biggest problem was finishing tenth in the first year – I would have been much better off finishing fourth from bottom!’’

(Allardyce – talking to beIN Sports)

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3 thoughts on “”Ungrateful”

  1. I think the club leadership did everything politely and recognized the value of the job Sam had done. At least, this is what they expressed in public.

    David Sullivan stated in his latest interview that he appreciated the work Sam had done, even though he mentioned that Sam had a troubled relationship with the fans. Even Slaven has said that Sam left him a good basis to build upon.

    Sam doesn’t want gratitude or recognition of his work He would have liked a contract extension. This was never in the cards after the latter part of the last season, which would have led to relegation in the next season if the team had continued to play in the same way.

    The club leadership realized that Sam was a survival specialist and not someone who could take West Ham to the next level. Sam had served his purpose and he should go.

  2. He was VERY well paid, for doing a good job. Thank you, now move on….as we are!
    It is very disrespectful to talk about it to the press

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