Allardyce worst nightmare

His biggest fear? Us finishing top 10…

For years his reputation has been about keeping teams in the PL and if you get rid of him you are going down.

If we buck the trend his reputation will be in tatters….

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2 thoughts on “Allardyce worst nightmare

  1. Allardyce can make a team of average players to punch above their weight from the results point of view. You can grant him that.

    However, it does not look pretty and is never going to get any better as long as he’s in charge. Allardyce takes shortcuts and it is usually his successor who pays the price for them.

  2. Saturday was a game Alladyce would have thrown away to have stayed in the Europa league. How little he knows what we as fans want. We’ve all been floating this week, something Sam really didn’t understand is we want to compete with the big clubs too. Oh the world is so much better now we play our way out of trouble, don’t boot the ball long and look to play at every opportunity. Good bye and good riddance!!!

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