Lawro predicts…



I’m with Lawro that we’ll probably lose but for the first time I really don’t know what to expect. We haven’t had our full team together and we don’t really know what Bilic is about. All we can go on is pre-season and so far it doesn’t fill me with confidence.

If you ask me pre-season has been a disorganised mess which the manager needs to be partly responsible for and that’s why I’m a little worried right now. But like I said this might all be a red herring and we come out and blow Arsenal away.

My prediction? Fucks knows but all the indications point to a loss, win or lose I just want to see us put in a good performance. At the final whistle I want to turn to my Hammer mates and say “thought we were unlucky…” erm….1-0 loss there you go!

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8 thoughts on “Lawro predicts…

  1. I agree with you post TBH. I feel really pessimistic about both Bilic and the cohesion of the team. Or lack of it as the case may be. The defence being the worst example of this is a great concern when you consider that Bilic was a good defender himself.

    I can’t see anything in our preseason form which suggests we will do anything other than roll over and die against Arsenal. It’s a sad day when I agree with a Lawro predition but I too have been saying 3-0 all week.

    I am sure if I will even be able to watch it. (every time I say that I always end up watching…)

  2. Last comment should read “I am NOT sure if I will even be able to watch it.” Do you have an edit function for these posts?

  3. Fantastic shift by the team today. Payet looks class. Even with 3 of the worst signings in our history in the side (thanks Sam) we still beat the Gooners away. Bilic is a genius!

  4. Well I couldn’t have been more wrong and Lawro as usual. But let’s face it, none of us expected this.

    Payet does look good. He linked the defence together with the attack for some good counter attacks. What a contrast to the preseason and Europa games. It is clear that Bilic had no intention of taking the Europa Cup seriously.

    • Who really gives a monkeys about the poxy Europa..!!! We was never gonna go far so what’s the point!! Well done bilic you are the man..turning over the gooners on there turf..superb 🙂 get in Hernandez and were a force my friends.
      Oh and bilic out.!! Have a word with yourselfs…behave COYI.

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