Ladies and gentleman we have a striker problem (again)

Jiminez is going to Benfica.

Carroll on the mend but don’t hold your breath.

Zarate not good enough.

Valencia injured and isn’t a goal machine.

Lee not good enough.

Samuelson is going to be top draw but needs at least a season so that leaves Sakho…..

If he gets injured we are so fucked it would probably feel worse then my woman’s arse this morning (notice how I left Maiga out?)

Every season the same old shit. Wanna know the latest link? Goal machine Borini and yes like someone on twitter said spell check wants to change Borini to boring….

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6 thoughts on “Ladies and gentleman we have a striker problem (again)

  1. I actually like zarate… I still think he will come good!
    Valencia.. Is good, but isn’t guaranteed goals..
    We need to sign a striker… I say we just go for someone like Jordan Rhodes!

  2. If the owners wanted to splash there cash on a striker, they would of done it earlier, in case, as happened we went out of Europe. They now have there excuse, we are not in Europe, top players will not sign….Welcome back CC.

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