It was all just a cunning plan

I’ve been trying to figure out why we found the Europa such an important competition to enter when clearly by the third round it was obvious we couldn’t give two fucks whether we stayed in or went out and then it hit me.

It’s all just been a cunning plan! If you want to attract a better quality of player in the Summer it helps to be in Europe. Take Payet, if you was him would you…

The funny thing is they probably gave him all that Europe bollocks saying “yeah don’t worry geez you won’t be eligible in qualification but well need you in the group stages” BWHAHAHAHA what must the poor fucker be thinking right now?


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3 thoughts on “It was all just a cunning plan

  1. If he wasn’t aware that we might go out of the comp at some time, then he is as thick as most of the other over paid pampered, prima donors……I suggest it was the ££££ that made him sign, more than most things.

  2. I think the cunning plan was to win at home by large margin and then send the kids to Rumania to get a draw or a narrow defeat. The only problem was that only the latter part went according to the cunning plan.

    Btw, you should have Baldrick in the picture, since he was the planner in that partnership.

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