Next seasons expectations

It didn’t take long but after the excitement of the new manager and players it’s all doom and gloom again because of our poor performances of late.

I expect Bilic has been told top 10 finish but what are your expectations?

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6 thoughts on “Next seasons expectations

  1. For me its all down to Thursdays result. Would not be to depressed if we went out, because I really think we can have a decent season, as long as we sigh a proper striker before the window closes.
    Don’t understand all the Doom & Gloom, as you put it. Didn’t get the result we wanted against Astra, (all down to the sending off), but some of the passing, and movement in the match was class, and we were still three, or four players short. COYI.

  2. Europa league is a distraction. If Hammers manage to get into the group stage, the lack of depth in the squad will have an impact on the performances in the league. Thursday’s result is important in terms of confidence but I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing if Hammers does not get past the playoff round.

  3. New manager.
    Inherited an average squad.
    All depends on new lads and injuries to big players.
    Injury free 8-10. Usual injuries 10-12.
    Would really hope top 10 finish though.

  4. At least we appear to be playinfg football,lets not worry about the euro fiassco,the sooner we are out of the better,fancy us for next year,top 8 finish,if we bring in Austin or Little pea COYI

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