Noble next captain? I doubt it….


Well judging by yesterday’s performance I can not see Noble as a starter and as we all know you can’t have a club captain sitting on the bench.

Yesterday was a bit of a farce to be honest and clearly at least half that squad won’t be starters next season. But if we want to progress Bilic will have to bite the bullet and play starters in the next game or we are out.

Also I don’t care what Moose says on Talksport WE NEED A STRIKER!!! If Sakho’s crocked we are fucked.

And before I leave……

Amalf, Nolan, Jarvis, Maiga and Zarate bye bye 👋

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9 thoughts on “Noble next captain? I doubt it….

  1. Yes but we don’t decide whether to keep/sell players based on one game do we? So much knee-jerking going on after last night’s game … ffs, get a grip!

  2. Nolan and maiga go withou saying – that isn’t based on 1 game, But what has Noble done wrong over the ‘last few months’? Or Amalf? Zarate been on loan so how can you judge?

  3. It’s our pre season, granted we’ve got competitive games but I bet not one of the players that played last night was even 75% fit. We can’t throw players away based on one game in the searing heat in Malta against a team with nothing to lose. Have a word with yourself!! We’re gonna need a big squad this season and last night was mostly squad players…..were looking just fine!!! Get behind the boys!!!

  4. Jarvis played well i thought , was one of the few players that put a proper shift in and worked tirelessly throughout the whole game.

  5. What a lot of people forget is that players like Zarate, Amalfitano, Jarvis all played under BFS’s style which as we saw was my boys first on the field and then play defensively with who ever is left. Those other than his few favourites where played out of position or left on the sideline as long as possible .

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