Let’s say Sakho gets crocked next season…


Would you happy with this lot to get us the goals?

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2 thoughts on “Let’s say Sakho gets crocked next season…

  1. Valencia and zarate are actually good players, they have goals in them… Andy Carroll is injury prone, but He scores when he’s fit…
    This season I can see more goals coming from midfield as well.. Payet, lanzini, even sameulsen if he’s given a chance, I mean personally, I think another striker is needed, just in case we get injuries, Valencia might end up dropping a mug on his foot again, zarate gets injured and Carroll speaks for itself.. The next Kieron dyer at this rate…. But all in all… We won’t end up with Austin.. It will probably end up being Borini or someone overseas… One thing is for sure.. Maiga needs to go!!!!

  2. Last night against Bikkakara (if that’s what there called), proved how desperate we are for at least one decent striker. Zarate is clearly not good enough, Maiga…..Well Maiga is so bad it makes me wonder who first looked at him, and thought he was worth 5m, probly the Hippo, and apparently Lee is not even good enough to sit on a bench that is one man short????.

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