It’s official, the away kit is nasty!


Oh how I miss you Adidas… 😐

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8 thoughts on “It’s official, the away kit is nasty!

    • Agree, that last adidas was pants. Possibly though, maybe adidas didn’t want us. They have bigger fish to fry (mufc, real madrid, chelsea, bayern munich etc etc)

  1. I think there’s been worse like the white with claret pinstripes of 2003 or the blue reebok of 2006(i think) with the curvy claret lines at the bottom

  2. It’s not so bad. It’s kind of like a modern day version of the shirt Trevor is wearing to the left <<<<<<——

  3. Mmmmm. Not sure. I always knew once we went umbro we would have crap kits and sure as Spurs are crap… We have two crap kits. Home kit is average….a 4 year old could have designed it and the away kit is well worth throwing away!!

  4. And the home kits socks should have been white not claret! When did we wear claret socks at home!!!! Wrong I tell ya! Just wrong!!

    • Err, last seasons home kit, featured claret socks! As did the last macron kit (yuck) & the last umbro kit (2010), but I know what you mean – TRADITIONALLY, it’s (for me) white socks all day long!

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