Jenks to sign..time to look for a RB then…

wpid-wp-1436858440503.jpegthis photo disturbs me. Puts the West Ham shirt on after signing for Arsenal. So clearly he’s not interested in us or he would of told Arsenal thanks for the offer but I’m off.

If we can find a decent RB now I’d say get him and stick Jenks on the bench as back up.

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7 thoughts on “Jenks to sign..time to look for a RB then…

  1. I disagree… The guy will still give 100%,
    Baring in mind the guy wasn’t going to turn the contract down.. He’s an Arsenal fan.. And they probably told him to prove himself again this year, and he will get a run in their first team… If not.. And he flops this year.. It just means Arsenal can sell him for more as he has a renewed contract.

  2. Yeah I hope they are smart enough to get someone else in as well..
    Jenko is a good signing for the season,
    But another right back is needed.. Because there is no way we can rely on Joey O’Brien!

  3. Agreed we should be looking for a perm RB. Personally I wouldn’t have taken him on loan again. The fact he’s signed a 5 year deal to sit on the bench at The Library speaks volumes…..

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