Squad left in great shape….Sam Allardyce

Allardyce needs a new career, he would probably be the world’s best salesman.  

Just after he left he said ‘I left the squad in a great shape and it’s down to Bilic to take it to the next level’ Basically we will start with a new squad and all his backroom staff are gone.

The squad will start with a clean slate because of all the mess that’s been left behind…Jarvis can go, Maiga can go, Nolan can go but because they are on so much for the poor return in quality we are having to pay clubs to take them!

That’s some legacy. Dino…Expect him to step into a club struggling come Xmas where he will be in a win win position.

Go down ‘well it wasn’t my squad’ stay up ‘sam the genius!’ 😁 

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2 thoughts on “Squad left in great shape….Sam Allardyce

  1. The Brian brothers…. two weeks ago u gave me stick about carping on about the Fat one going, and I would not let it go….. IMO Thursday night is as much as about the Dinosaur leaving, and a new horizon appearing for the mighty Hammers. I will give it 30 seconds until we hear (“Super Slavens clarent and blue army”), Its also me birthday, and im slightly plissed, and cant wait till I get there Thursday. COME ON YOU IRONS!!!!

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