Another one of those eggs in one basket moment…

so for over a week we have all been assuming Payet is about to sign, tonight we hear it’s nowhere near a cert in fact it’s probably dead now.

First of all Payet wants to stay so that’s not a good sign to start with, secondly we have had a £14 Million bid turned down and now the club are thinking another bid makes him too expensive so I can see them now pulling the plug.

Yet again we’ve wasted a whole fucking week on one player which probably won’t happen, while this has been happening other targets are probably speaking to other clubs.

It’s going to be the same old West Ham, panic stations at the end, ‘We couldn’t get the players we wanted’ blah blah

Trust me people quality players are found and bought now not weeks later! The longer you wait the more expensive players become for less quality!!

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6 thoughts on “Another one of those eggs in one basket moment…

  1. It’s fine guys! We have Maigä coming back! He will take the league by storm!!
    Fuck that! We seriously need to pull our finger out our arses.. And put some money on the table for players.. Else we just won’t progress! It is getting worrying our squad is paper thin.. Although we have some decent players.. We don’t have it throughout the squad.. Hurry up bilic ad sign the Croatian national team!

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