Alex Song: Get him!

It’s about 50/50 with regards to signing Song on a permanent. But for 5 Million quid is an absolute steal and Ive seen enough of the fella to know he is class.

The second half of his season was terrible but remember that was under Allardyce and pretty much the whole of the squad were playing shit once they knew Dino was out the door and we were pretty much safe.

We all know there was something going on between and the manager and he pretty mucg refused to play for him, against Man City Song was one of the best midfielders I have seen play for us.

that for me is enough to know at that price the guy is a bargain!!

This photo tells a thousand words

This photo tells a thousand words

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One thought on “Alex Song: Get him!

  1. If we can get him for 5M, I agree snap there hands off, under a proper manager (there I go again), but someone who wont let him cruise through a match, and make him play to max….Yes Please.

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