So Bielsa was in the running


Because everything was so top secret we never really knew if the stories were true or not. But for the players to discuss it must of meant he was very close to joining.

Even though I’m with Bilic I still would of preferred Bielsa simply because he is a top manager that has the experience the club was banging on about.

I guess the reason it never happened was because Bielsa was dragging his heels and eventually the club needed a yes or no and not a maybe. Wait too long and Bilic is gone as well, I await with anticipation and trepidation…

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2 thoughts on “So Bielsa was in the running

  1. I heard someone on the radio going on about how Bielsa is a quirky character who, for instance, wouldn’t think twice about refusing to play a player who the chairman had signed. Can’t remember who it was but he said was unpredictable in this way and head strong with it. We don’t need another manager like that.

    I went off him after hearing this.

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