Do you know your goalies?

We’ve had some legendary goalkeepers these last 20 years – or so I thought. We’ve also had some totally forgettable ones as well, & some unbelievably bad ones as well.

All these 19 (& I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few) have played at least once for whufc – but how many can you name?

So that’s from Luděk Mikloško onwards – (number 8) & no, I hadn’t forgotton to add Raimond van der Gouw, as he didn’t officially play for us!

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23 thoughts on “Do you know your goalies?

  1. Hislop,Miklosko, Sealey; Green; Lama, Walker, Bywater, James, Adrian, Srnicec, Spiegel, Henderson, Caroll (not in order) thats my lot number 13 I know the face just cant remember the name

      • 1- Kurucz
        2- Sealey
        3- Carroll
        4- Bywater
        5- Boffin?
        6- Hislop
        7- James
        8- Miklosko
        9- Walker
        10- Adrian
        11- Lama
        12- Green
        13- Jaaskelainen
        14- ???
        15- ???
        16- Srnicek
        17- ???
        18- Feuer
        19- ???

        That’s all I can do. I know #15’s face just can’t come up with the name. #14, #17 & #19 I am stumped on.

    • True he played in goal……..but I believe he wasn’t technically come from the bench – he went in goal as we didn’t have a reserve.

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