Going to be a tough transfer window

We began by losing out on the targeted Managers and now the players…not meeting their salary demands apparently.

But this tweet sums it up.


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8 thoughts on “Going to be a tough transfer window

  1. Disagree I think why it’s such a good signing is because he has a lot of potential and he only cost 4m which is a steal IMO, have to wait and see though

  2. Exactly…’s never been about the price of a player it’s about how good he is. Sakai is a prime example. There are players on free transfers, does this mean they are no good??
    Sort yourself out JDS!!!!

  3. Not all the best signings have to cost 20M, examples from just last year….Adrian, Sakho, Koutate, Cresswell. This mans a major signing for us because of his potential, lets hope we sign a few more 4M stars. Firstly some creativity in midfield please Slav.

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