I’m not confident at all

Heard on the radio today….

– Bilic isn’t really their choice but he is the last man standing.

– Bilic has a clause that if we get relegated he gets no pay off (now I’m shitting it)

– They are giving Bielsa one last chance

So basically we might have a manager that the board doesn’t really want. He’s already a dead man walking….

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11 thoughts on “I’m not confident at all

  1. This will mean the bloke will recieve no support from the board and will have a ha4d getting the players he wants to bring in, still it could be worse we could end up with ‘Arry & Rio

  2. It all sounds a bit like the choice of a desperate team – they couldn’t get anyone else who is half decent. It worries me a bit

  3. You know as westham fans we always fear the worst. There always seems to be a huge silver cloud. Let’s just sit back, enjoy having a manager we can love and get behind the team and the manager and I can assure you, the board will follow. I’m made up with the appointment!!

  4. I have the feeling this will go well. Modern guy with modern ideas, not like what we have seen these past years. He is one of those new wave managers (like Emery, Jemez, Escriba, Klopp) who bring something new to football without necessarily spending tons of money.

    Let him work and good luck to all.

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