I will need 100 million

So it has been touted as the biggest project in Europe so why aren’t the top managers banging down our door? Well take a look at the squad…

Basically we have half a squad, it was already thin but after further departures we really are down to bare bones.

The new Manager would of probably been told something crazy like top 7 or top 5. The first thing the manager would ask is how much have I got to spend? Well I don’t know how much, I’m not the owner but if I was the manager I’d say I would need a 100 million.

Does that sound crazy? No but we don’t have that and that’s what is needed hence why the managers are dropping like flies. I think they are thinking it’s an impossible task.

It sounds a lot but the price of a good player is top dollar these days and to achieve the new expectations demanded money will have to be thrown at it or expect a mug to take over the management of our team.

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4 thoughts on “I will need 100 million

  1. I think the figure you mention, the 100 million, is right on the mark. The 25 million figure that has been talked about in the papers is nowhere near good enough.

    With the Europa league campaign, you need more than just the first team.

  2. I think it’s do able on 50 million. Remember the 25 million is just this season. I reckon a decent 7-8 million pound player, a few loans, a few frees and a few 5 million players boosts our squad up considerably. Remember this is a half decent squad, we stormed the beginning of the season only using a bare minimum of the squad. It’s an exciting project, it’s just that we haven’t knocked on the right doors. Bilic is the man.

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