How long West Ham?

I’m wondering how long the board are going to wait appointing a new manager, I can see that the stress level must be going up because they know themselves it has to be sorted asap.

Sullivan wants a big name and that’s proving harder then he thought, thing is their biggest fear is appointing an inferior manager and the club struggling in one of its biggest seasons ever.

So what do you do? Wait and keep looking or get a lower level manager and hope it all clicks together?

Make no mistake the new guy has a hell of a job ahead of him and I can see why they want quality. Our squad is thin as paper, the ones that are still with us will have to go back to basics after Allardyce’s dinosaur style football.

Add to that Europa league plus having to gel half a new squad with the old guard not any old guy can come in and pull that shit off. Bielsa still hasn’t walked and latest is the owner is trying to convince him to stay.

Bilic is jobless but it’s clear DS doesn’t rate him or he would of been manager by now. So what would I do? Well if I was Sullivan and I didn’t rate Bilic I’d turn to dirty tactics and start tapping up managers to see if I could poach one.

Naughty I know but hey I want the best for my club so fuck the rest!!! 😁

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11 thoughts on “How long West Ham?

  1. I’m surprised we haven’t done that already. We seem to be waiting for managers to become available before approaching them. I still like the idea of bilic, I honestly can’t see anyone we bring in have a worse run than SA did since Xmas. If we’re on the poach then I think Gary monk has done a fantastic job at Swansea and plays the game the right way or Aitor Karanka at Middlesbrough looks a decent shout too, bit of a gamble I guess but again I like his style. Given the choice of anyone i’d take Simeone but I think that one would be a miracle.

  2. Emery & Bielsa are no doubt quality managers but how would they fare in the Prem? Emery didnt do well at Lokomotiv and both cant speak english, i think give Bilic the job he knows the league as he’s played in it he knows european football besides which the other two seem to be giving us the run around.

  3. Teams managed by Allardyce have usually relegated after the Fat Bloke has one. This is because Fat Sam is a survival specialist and doesn’t build for the long term, but relies on experienced players with a high work rate. Due to his dinosaur football the new manager will have a huge task ahead of him especially, if the style he favors is something completely different. Money is definitely needed there.

    Bilic is a defensively solid choice and therefore not a big risk.

  4. Still think it was always going to be Slav,which is a step up from the usual dross our hapless owners employ,if you think back to their previous club,they even employed Mcleish,then for us Grant and Sam,so Slav looks the real deal to me.

  5. As much as I would love a big name to attract big players I still think we’re at a building stage. Has SA left us in a better place than when he started? League position wise yeah, but what a job the new boss has to do in 3 weeks to get a side ready for the qualifying rounds. In some ways it’s a great project to completely rebuild a squad and style from scratch after SA. I said all along I wanted Slav and I haven’t changed my mind. Watched Besiktas twice last season and loved what I saw. Get the boy in and let’s have a manager we can live through thick and thin and over land and sea.

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