Get Laudrup on a short contract

As most of us know the top 4 have all backed out. The club is now on page 2 of a two page book…

Ancelotti (Taking time off)

Rafa (Madrid)

Klopp (Taking time off)

Moyes (stay in Spain)

I don’t think Bilic is up to the task if you ask me so this is what I think. Laudrup isn’t a stayer we all know that, give it 2yrs and he’ll bolt but within those 2yrs he’ll do a good job for us.

Offer him a two year deal and let him over see the move, if he wants a longer deal give him 3yrs with an agreement he can walk after 2yrs because he’ll be gone by then anyway.

Once we are in the new stadium the club will all of a sudden become attractive to a bigger more successful manager and then we can really look at the likes of Rafa or Ancelotti.

Thank me later….


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4 thoughts on “Get Laudrup on a short contract

  1. Really? Laudrup? I can see where your at but he has no more credentials than bilic, infact less so. The only difference is he has coached in the prem for an average side and gave them what fat Sam gave us, some stability. We really need to move to the next level and I don’t think he has what it takes to take us there. Neither has mclaren, Di Matteo or even moyes. We pay great money, were a big club now that is gonna get bigger. I say aim high now and let’s give it a bloody good go. I salute the board for their ambition in finding a top drawer coach and I’m still not ruling out a real surprise appointment.

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