Doesn’t look like Bilic…

If it’s true what I’m hearing then the club is going all out to get either Klopp or Ancelotti. Whether they get them or not remains to be seen but what this means is that they are aiming much higher then Bilic and he cant be in the reckoning right now.

It looked nailed on in the last few days that Bilic was taking over but today Brady was having a word in Ancelotti’s earhole saying name your price while DS was wording Klopp up about helping us become the team they want to be in the new stadium.

Allardyce is gone and I personally wont be talking about the fella anymore because he is now history but it’s going to make an exciting next few weeks to see who will actually take West Ham United further.

ancelotti klopp

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2 thoughts on “Doesn’t look like Bilic…

  1. Great choices and would personally be happy with either as that shows real ambition to bring a manager of thier quality BUT would we have any dough left over to bring in the quality of player they would want

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