Andy Carroll next season

Allardyce is off, he brought him in to fit his style of football, Brendan got rid of him because he didn’t fit into his style of football, chances are next manager will have the same style which means Carroll will become an even bigger mistake then he already is.

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9 thoughts on “Andy Carroll next season

  1. Like him or not we have very few strikers (although Carroll’s never fit anyway) so getting rid of him does’nt do us any favours but when Carroll is fit he does have the ability on his day to cause defense’s problems. Also who would want an injury prone player anyway?

  2. I only say keep because I don’t think the highest bidder would be a decent offer given his lack of playing time over the last few years.

  3. When Carroll and Sakho were playing together… We played well…
    When Sakho and Valencia played together, we played well….
    Andy Carroll is always good for a back up… Maybe an impact sub striker to give us another dimension!
    He’s top quality on his day….
    And the guy can be unplayable!
    Just need to keep him off the injury list!

    • I think we have suffered without AC ,his overall play and defending has been sorely missed,but agree that he needs to stay fit and play around 30 prem games next year.
      Have just read that Mclaren is leaving Derby,if he is taken on by our clowns then i will be demanding my season ticket money back

  4. With Carroll’s physique and style of play, it’s wishful thinking to assume that he is available to play in more than half of the games in a season. He could be used as an impact sub, but that’s not what Fat Sam was doing. For him Carroll has always been the main striker supported by Nolan. He put Carroll in the starting lineup and made him play full 90 minutes almost immediately after the big striker had recovered from injury.

    Carroll’s wages are too big for an impact sub, so he will be offloaded as soon as Fat Sam is history.

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