Rafa No = serious problems next season!

1. Clearing up Allardyce’s mess

2. Handling Europe with a small squad

3. If its Bilic we are fucked (even Besiktas fans want rid of him.

4. Board will already be feeling the pressure now as all targets have now said no.

5. Allardyce gets new contract you wait….


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14 thoughts on “Rafa No = serious problems next season!

  1. Oh shit!! I fucking knew it would’nt happen we’ll end up with another 2 seasons of Allashite or someone worse

  2. If we get mcgath were fucked! Bilic is still the answer for me. He will keep us up and the football is good. Benitez is another good choice but apparently Madrid are sniffing around him but I think in the end he’ll come to us as Madrid will look elsewhere.

    • I’m not a big fan of alardyce but I have been saying careful what you wish for all those Sam haters you have got your way and because of you he is leaving did you seriously think we would get a top notch manager one by one they are turning us down who will get now Rafa has turned us down some say bilic is a West Ham legend he was only at West Ham one year and he is getting chucked out by bekitas eddie Howe will stay with Bournemouth I just hope we don’t regret our alardyce out campaign this time next year

  3. Bilic could be good although he-s not got Prem management experience, i dunno why Besiktas are getting rid of him they’re 3rd in the table its not that bad of a position but maybe they’re loss will be our gain…..BUT there is still a part of me that thinks G&S will offer Sam Allashite another contract

    • Yes he’s not tried n tested in prem but he’s been a top player and even better manager…club and country..I think he’ll be ok. Plus he’ll get rid of the bum boys (Carroll n Nolan)

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