April fools!!

I wish I could say my timing is terrible…


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10 thoughts on “April fools!!

  1. Interesting choice. Has done a great job abroad and done ok at derby. Not sure he is what we need but if take him over big Sam or moyes!!!

  2. Im 50/50 with this part of me says “oh no” the other thinks ok an improvement and has done alright of late but i dunno could be a mistake.
    what happened to Bilic and Rafa?

  3. Might as well go straight to Championship if we decide on McClaren. Got to be a joke if we are considering him. Would rather stick with Big Sam.

  4. I feel this one is very high risk. He left Middlesborough in shambles a couple of seasons ago, if I remember well.
    If the policy is going to be taking risks, go for Howe, or Paco Jemez (Rayo Vallecano), or Fran Escriba (Elche). Good young coaches with ideas of playing football the way it should and with limited budgets.

  5. Please NO. I cannot understand people saying he has done well at Derby?……At Christmas they were nailed on for auto promotion, and never made the play offs. In Holland FC Twente had all the cash at the time he was there, and we all know what a mess he left Middlesbrough in. Iv wanted the Hippo out for at least two years, but would rather he stayed another year that bring in this clown.

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