He has promise but more riskier then Di Canio on Vodka and pills


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10 thoughts on “He has promise but more riskier then Di Canio on Vodka and pills

  1. Massive gamble, it’s got to be someone who knows the premiership. Not sure at this stage he is a good bet and would he leave Bournemouth if they were promoted anyway??

  2. Too much of a gamble really, if Bilic is risky then Howe is even riskier we need a manager who at very least has experience at the top level or some Prem experience

  3. Will not happen no way we could take that risk next season we need to stay in the Premier League which is why Allardyce will be given another 2 years and funds to improve the squad again. There are no better options available that I can see. Moyes is not the answer, no better than Sam and Billic again don’t think it’s sensible to risk it. Unless they can get a big big name replacement can’t see this board risking it. I would like to see Klopp but would he in all seriousness take the job? Possibly as we do pay an extraordinary wage to Allardyce?

      • Benitez? I’m not sure about that either, not sure we would have the funds to get the players he would want and would he be able to do what Allardyce has done with very limited resources and let’s face it very limited players apart from maybe 2 or 3 our squad is pretty average. Klopp has done wonders under a very similar situation which is why I would be happy to see him come in…

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