Lawro understandably predicts….

2-0 Arsenal

…and I agree, I don’t give us a prayer I’m afraid.







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10 thoughts on “Lawro understandably predicts….

  1. Nolan played well against Chelsea would like to see him play just behind sakho with amalfitano in middle then bring on nene with 30 to go when their centre backs are slower than they normally are his pace should create something if only we had someone who could finish from set pieces

  2. evening hammer just thought id say hello & sorry about my comments after the spuds game grr well anuva season nearly over that looked promising until xmas & like the saying goes we defo come down like the deccys. anyway the result today is laughable as were miles behind the gooners in lots of ways ie they get champs league football season after season a bigger ground which obviously more money & attract quality players. what do we expect at West Ham at least have a go like we did when we had quality players ie 1980 team would piss over this lot take Parkes v Adrian I rest my case Nolan v Brooking he couldnt lace Brookings jock strap let alone boots anyway I can see Kouyate Cresswell Sakho offski in summer to good for this team the rest are still championship players. I rest my case as for G & S shelling out on players shouldve bought quality first season up & still got the dinosaur out fingers xd he goes end of season but I wont hold my breath esp with Waldorf & Stadler & Miss Piggy at the helm

  3. I have the strange feeling he is doing all that nonsense like yesterday’s bench selection and untimely subbing on purpose (let’s not even talk about the absurd pitch occupation with Sakho left all alone to himself as a Kamikaze). The fact that Allardyce did not show up for press conference was also odd.

    Signs that Gus Poyet won’t survive for long would give Allardyce the chance to switch clubs and be the hero of Sunderland’s survival. Don’t you think it is a possibility ?

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